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Hitachi 960 XGA

Hitachi 960 XGA 1800 ANSI Lumen Projector

A bright projector for a stunning presentations delivering a beautiful sharp crisp image. Perfect for Powerpoint and ideal for for video promotions. Has two VGA inputs, 1 S-VHS, 1 composite and can project inverted and reverse mirror image for back projection. Remote mouse support and keystone correction keeps the picture upright whatever the situation.

£75 £150 £325
Pioneer 50 Inch Plasma Screen

Hitachi 42 Inch Plasma Screen
XGA Standard on a 42" (diagonal) screen weighing 43Kgs. Aspect Ratio - 16:9 Number of Pixels - 1024 x1024. 576 million colours.
Dimensions (WxHxD) - 1218 x 714 x 98 mm Weight - 38.9kg Power Consumption - 380W (1W at standby)

£80 £240 £475

Fog Screen

FogScreen allows projection of high quality images into thin air and is the only currently available walk-through projection screen. Viewable from front and back, compatible with any video projectors objects seem to appear and move in thin air yet you can walk through the image! Using a suspended fog generating device, there is no frame around the screen, just replace the conventional screen with FogScreen creating a walk-thru wall, or a door you donīt need to open. The viewer can walk through the screen – walk directly into the images, and through them! People and things can be brought into view through the screen. The fog is made of ordinary water with no chemicals yet you do not become wet if you stand in the image. Click here for Video

£3,500 £10,500 N/A

Plasma Matrix Display

A panel of Infinites 42" Plasma Displays can be made from a matrix of PK4201M units. Each 42" plasma is three inches deep with a gap of less than 5mm between panels and can be mounted to a wall or be displayed free standing, using the optional wall mounting or floor stand accessories. The panels are virtually silently and have an optional external TCP/IP network control for remote operation and status monitoring, a contrast ratio of over 3000:1, 1000 cd/m2 and a wide viewing angle of more than 160 degrees producing images with startling vividness. There are no bulbs to be replaced every thousands of hours unlike rear projection displays. Infinite displays feature a built-in video wall matrix processor that allows the multiplex plasma monitors to display separate computers, composite-video, S-video (Y/C), a component-video or HDTV signals. Ideal for large venue digital signage, video conferencing with multi-tasking in boardrooms, show displays and interior of shopping mall displays. Click here for video







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