PC Utilities Case Studies

A Windows 2000 Server Isn't Always the Best Investment

A financial services company specialising in pension planning required shared Internet access to provide life insurance and annuity quotations.   PC Utilities installed a router with built in Firewall but noticed the existing Windows 2000 Server although purchased only six months earlier, was quite slow.   This was traced to older 10MHz hubs and a poor configuration of the server.   The server was re-loaded with Windows XP Professional which not only allowed it to double up as an additional workstation but made the whole system much faster.  

Staff were pleased with the improved performance and fast Internet access. Management were pleased with the more efficient use of their IT investment, reduced complaints from staff about sluggish computers, lower phone bills and the rebate received from PC Utilities for their old equipment.

Reaching Branch Offices

Acircus school opened a second teaching area in a Grade 1 listed church 3 miles from its existing base but needed to ensure staff at the remote site had online access to the data kept at the main office. PC Utilities installed a router at both sites and setup a secure LAN to LAN tunnel through the internet using a standard 2MHz ADSL connection. The result ensures resources and teaching staff are not double booked by using shared calenders, staff can check their email from either location or from home and data is not duplicated. Their own IT member of staff was trained to provide first level support so they can solve minor problems themselves only calling us in for the more difficult acts thereby ensuring running costs are minimised.

Clearing Up a Mess

After a management buyout, a water filtration manufacturer no longer enjoyed IT support for their 18 PC's which had previously been provided by head office.   PC Utilities carried out an initial survey of the entire system listing potential weaknesses, identifying areas where immediate problems were likely to occur and opportunities for reducing costs by standardisation.   In additional we fixed a number of ongoing problems with backup, remote access and shared printers that had been outstanding for months and mapped out a future IT strategy.

Internet Baguettes

LEAD Technologies Inc. V1.01A start up café in Cirencester needed an unusual angle to attract customers and thought Internet access might be popular with tourists and commercial travellers.   PC Utilities advised a 1MHz ADSL line and router with content control connected to five PC's with 17" flat panel displays.   The investors were unsure whether the idea would work so rented the equipment but were rewarded with a steady steam of visitors even in January.



Building Foundations

A construction company in Bridgwater was encountering assorted problems with both their server and workstations which their existing supplier was unable to address. The server regularly re-booted itself, the tape backup hung every six days, certain outgoing emails bounced, remote access was erratic and workstations had slowed to a crawl. PC Utilities rebuilt the server and created a Ghosted image for the notebooks and workstations. Workstations now run twice as fast as they did before, the server has performed flawlessly, staff can navigate around the data files more easily, remote access works every time and management are able to concentrate on meeting customer needs rather than constantly chasing IT faults.

These are just a few recent examples where PC Utilities have been able to provide imaginative and relevant IT solutions at a realistic cost by leveraging the existing investment.  

If you have a long running IT problem or think your systems would benefit from an external review then why not call 0117 962 63 64 or email support@pcutilities.co.uk for an initial discussion.